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specialized/non-routine testing

Analytical Ferrography (20 Metals, DR, Photomicrographs)

• Conradson Carbon Residue (ASTM D189)

Coolant Analysis (pH, Conductivity, Reserve Alkalinity, 14 Metals, TTA, Nitrite)
• Copper Strip Corrosion (ASTM D130)
• Deposit Analysis (20 Metals, Ash Content, 4 Anions)
Filter Analysis (20 Metals, Photomicrographs)
• Fuel Analysis (Spec, Copper Corrosion, Viscosity @ 40°C, KF, Flash, Specific Gravity, API Gravity)
• Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission, ICP (ASTM 5185)

• Membrane Patch Colorimetry (ASTM D7843)

• Micropatch (Microscope Analysis, Photomicrographs and report)

• Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Flash (ASTM D93)
• Refrigerant Analysis (KF water, TAN, High Boiling Residue)
• Ruler (ASTM D6971)
Varnish Formation Tendency
• Viscosity Index (ASTM D2270)
• Water Analysis (ICP Metals, pH, Conductivity, Chloride, P Alkalinity, M Alkalinity)
Water Source Determination (SWSC-330)

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