In addition, lists of samples and sample points have a new icon that indicates if the sample includes a special report.

COVID-19 Update

We are continually monitoring the COVID-19 virus as it spreads across the globe. We continue to remain open and operating as an essential business. We will restrict visitation until further notice, with the exception of courier services and deliveries. Masks will be required to enter the building.

More updates will come as we gather more information.


varnish reports, and more. The special report shows up as a tab named Special on the sample page.

Special PDF support


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In business since 1969 and under current management since 1983, we have years of on-the-job experience. Not only that, we are ISO/EIC 17025:2017 certified and committed to keeping up with the latest advances in the field. You can rest easy, because your analysis will be in the best and most skilled hands that it can be.

LubeAccess can now display special reports such as ferrographies,

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Southwest Spectro-Chem Labs is a full service laboratory, offering lube oil and fluids analysis since 1983. We are located near the heart of the Houston petro-chem industry and perform service for customers world-wide. Southwest Spectro-Chem Labs is an independent laboratory, with no agenda to promote lube oils, filters, machinery or other related systems. Our analysis is without bias.

Southwest Spectro-Chem Labs’ core service is analyzing the condition of equipment, oil, and contaminant situations through fluids analysis to improve reliability for industry. Southwest Spectro-Chem Labs specializes in communicating the impact of your analysis, not just providing data. LubeAccess™, our powerful online database, is a key component of providing this comprehensive analysis to your entire team. Use our expertise to improve your preventive maintenance program.

We are also pleased to announce that we have been ISO/EIC 17025:2017 Certified since October 2012.